The passage through life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving at the day of your death with a beautiful body, well preserved, recreated in an exquisitely healthy life, but rather a crazy journey where you arrive skidding sideways with your motorcycle, between a dusty cloud, reeking of gasoline, completely worn out and drunk with experiences, where you babble… Damn, what a trip!

This is a meeting place for a way of understanding life, for a man with his own rules, with his own ethics and with an intrinsic need for rebellion and nonconformity.  The only law he has is the law of the street, his homeland is where he steps on his motorcycle.

Men linked to an ancestral feeling of tribe, clan, of belonging to a group with the same concerns, with the same indomitable need to risk everything for nothing, which is burned into their genes.  Here you do not decide to be or belong, you are or are not part of this, you can try if this world is for you, but if you do not fit in, you will not prevail.  We are united by the need to fight and resist, the imperative need to be the owners and lords of our present, to go further, to live wildly.  This is what makes us different, what makes us live in a continuous state of rebellion against everything, of living at war with ourselves and against our enemies.

That state of exacerbation of the soul is what pushes us to the continuous search for our own decline.  An irreverent and counter-cultural way of life that turns our world into a world apart;  our own standards, our own ethics, our own holidays, and our own days of mourning.

This is our world, it is the last great adventure in the West, it is the last crusade, the last colonists in the conquest of America.  We are dinosaurs in a digital world, but with brutally ruthless pride, and we will do battle against the times to come.  We will resist adapting, surrendering our souls, denying a way of understanding the world, a way that is already considered anachronistic today.

DNA 1%.

By reason or by force, so it will say in our epitaph.

This is the place for a type of man, not for a type of motorcycle, not for the exclusivity of a brand, a specific model, the year of manufacture of your machine.  Your machine is the excuse, here the important thing is you, what matters is the man and his aptitude in front of life.  The 1% culture, that of the man with his own norms, who faces against the established, is the culture of the man who seeks his own decline.  This is not a place for the lukewarm, this is not a place for everyone.  If you don’t know if this is your place, it’s NOT.

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