• 80% Polyacrylic, 20% Wool.
  • Premium wool blend.
  • Classic shape.
  • 6 panels.
  • Hard buckram.
  • Flat peak with 8 rows of stitching.
  • Green undervisor (except 5 color combinations).
  • Matching plastic snap.


Omertà, also known as the «law of silence», is an unwritten rule that governs the behavior of members of the Mafia before the authorities, whether they are judges, politicians or police, and that obliges them not to cooperate with them regardless of whatever the situation. Breaking the omertà and giving information to the authorities is equivalent to betraying the secrecy of the Mafia, and is usually punished in the severest way possible.

If a mobster is attacked he has the possibility of resorting to Vendetta (revenge), but he should never give details to the police about crimes or criminals belonging to any family, including those who are rivals. One of the consequences of this rule is that, if someone is accused of a crime that he has not committed and for his defense he must expose another member of the mafia, he must serve the sentence without saying a word.

The first break with this unwritten rule, which dates back to the 16th century, was carried out by Joe Valachi in New York in 1962. Valachi belonged to the Genovese family, and he related a great deal of detail about the operation of the Cosa Nostra before the United States Senate. Tommaso Buscetta was next in 1983, when he helped the Fuez Falcone (later assassinated) deliver one of the biggest blows the Sicilian Mafia has received.

There is evidence that this rule originated in southern Italy and even predates the birth of Cosa Nostra, being used by the Italians against the Spanish colonizers. There are several theories about the origin of the term omertà, one says that it comes from the word “manhood” (manhood or masculinity), to which is added “omu”, a Sicilian word that means man. Another leads us to the word “humilitas” (humility), which derived in umirtà and finally in omertà. It must be taken into account that the law of silence is not inseparably linked to mafia or criminal behavior, but is rather a defensive attitude caused by fear.

As a Sicilian proverb says: “He who is deaf, dumb and blind, to live a hundred years in peace.”

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