Beanie “ACAB”

Beanie “ACAB”


  • 100% Polyacrylic (Soft-Touch)
  • Double layer knit
  • Thinsulate™ lining
  • Cotton Twill patch

A.C.A.B. & 1312

With the social outbreak in Europe, and elsewhere in the West, the phrases “ACAB” and “1312” began to be seen in much of the cities. And although both expressions mean the same thing, and are quite old, they have never been perceived with such visibility on the streets.

But what does “ACAB” mean? It’s short for “All Cops Are Bastards.” Phrase that would have its origins in the 1920s, when it was part of the jargon of criminals.

Although the first record (with evidence) of seeing these acronyms was in 1977. At that time a correspondent for a British newspaper spent the night in a Newcastle prison and it was there that he observed “ACAB” painted on the walls and tattooed on his fingers. and heads of the prisoners.

Already in the 80s came the success of “Oi!”, A musical genre derived from punk and popularized by skinheads. In 1982 a band called “4 Skins” released an album called “The Good, The Bad and The 4 Skins”, including pictures of police officers as the bad guys and having a song called “A.C.A.B.”

Since then the term became more popular and was adopted not only by Oi !, but also by other musical styles, the anarchist crusades and even by the English football fans who caused outrages. Better known as ‘Hooligans’.

At present and ignoring its origins, the acronym ended up being so popular that today it represents one of the main symbols of rejection against authority and its violence. Adopted not only on the walls, you can even find them on clothes or stickers.

ACAB = 1312

And what about “1312”? This number sequence is another way of saying “All Cops Are Bastards.” Why? Since 1312 is the numerical representation of ACAB, if we list each letter of the alphabet. So A is 1, C is 3, and B is 2. 

As a result of the same – for a few years – the ‘celebration’ of ‘ACAB Day’ has been held, mainly on social media. And we say mainly because in a more underground circle musical or artistic events take place in relation to this context.

Specifically on the Internet, during “ACAB (1312) Day”, different hashtags are used to demonstrate police actions through photographs or videos. In a burlesque way or seeking to show and condemn police violence.

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