How did the idea come about?
People on the street wear brands that do not represent them, prestigious designer clothes, high-cost products that do not reflect their values, their style, their way of understanding life.

These designers, these brands, are the antithesis, sometimes, of who we are and our way of living life, in no way does it represent or reflect the values ​​or principles of what has forged us as street men and women , and of which they are proud.

What is Mean Streets?
Neighborhood people who, steeped in values ​​such as loyalty, brotherhood, non-submission to the law, with their own code of justice and that only depends on them, embody this lifestyle, in garments with irreverent, forceful and harsh messages. the eyes of those who are not like you.

What we offer?
A unique, exclusive product, designed and manufactured by us, in an almost handmade way. Clothes are a reflection of how we are, imperfect but at the same time unique, exclusive and inimitable, transporting from yesterday the immutable principles of the “Garduña”,

secret organization that developed during the s. XV “Spanish Golden Age”, which controlled illicit businesses for 400 years, and is also the origin of the mafia born in Spain and brought to Italy, configuring the mafia organizations as the “The Thing

nostra ”the“ Ndrangheta ”and the“ Camorra ”, groups of men who decide to live outside the law and not participate in a society that does not understand them.

What are we?
We are the counterculture of this society, the culture of the 1%, the spirit of the street, the bad streets, the complicated part of our cities.